Goal of series is ‘to blur the lines between our game and the real-life game’

Goal of series is 'to blur the lines between our game and the real-life game'



Pride emanated from the game’s developers at the June preview event.

“The presentation that we gave, at least from my perspective, Boat’s going on, it was like watching a coach go through film,” Madden NFL 24 creative director Connor Dougan told me in Redwood City. “And he was going for a while. And I’m just thinking to myself, ‘Wow, this is a lot of good, good stuff.’ I wish every Madden player could get that presentation to really understand these are the type of people that are building this thing. And there’s a lot of great stuff in this game.”

The changes coming to Madden NFL 24 are plentiful. But Madden players aren’t solely going to buy the title because of those changes.

After a year in which a series of technical errors caused an assortment of glitches affecting multiple game modes and led to the elimination of a number of online franchise leagues, Madden players need to have a reason to trust the makers of the game.

EA Sports responded to its blunder by offering 50 percent off Madden NFL 24 for those affected, plus an invitation to the company’s closed beta test, which concluded in June.

The company hopes it’s enough to make amends for a mistake that wiped out the progress earned by a relatively sizable portion of the player base. Developers are confident similar incidents won’t happen again.

“When players invest a ton of time in these things, they deserve better,” Dougan said, when asked about the league-deletion issue. “We’re trying to make that better. We just want them to get their hands on it.”

As senior producer Michael Mahar told me in June, EA Sports wants Madden “to be the best sports game on the market.” The quality of the product won’t truly be tested until launch. But there is no doubt the makers of the game have worked to give anyone looking to get on board with Madden NFL 24 a surplus of reasons.

“We’ve built on the best, most well-received aspects of Madden 23, first and foremost, around core gameplay and authenticity,” Mahar said. “We’ve foundationally looked at the key pieces of feedback, the holes in that strategy, (with) blocking, how players move, how they react, SAPIEN technology, we’ve fixed that. Then we’ve added depth in every way you could possibly play the game.

… “I think that if they get on the sticks and they play it, they’ll see that it’s absolutely worth their money and their time,” Mahar said.


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